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             ” ————- ready or not..”

out of neverland: i care more about people & friends than plots, screw drafts — if i can make a person smile be it through my writing or otherwise i feel like i’ve had a good day c:

out of neverland: belle’s father’s shop in storybrooke is named game of thorns i

       I’ll protect you

         from them;;

            but who is going to

                protect {you}



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Do you love your lost boys?
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                    They were marionettes of misfortune —— these lost children; ruthless
                    puppets at the end of tangled strings. Unholy terrors who he condemned
                    to eternity out of some paraded belief that they had asked for this. But
                    it’d been him. Great pied piper, adolescent but still human. Who had been
                    loathed to discover that even devils grew lonely, making use of magic
                    and make believe to draw them in. Believers, dreamers… nonsensical
                    children for his hoarde. Only for them to inevitably turn on him, begging
                    for fathers, sisters, mothers. & he, selfish, crying boy would cast them
                    to shadow because w h y ?! Hadn’t he promised them everything?
                                            Taken them from rules and regulatated society
                                                to a place of dreams and granted power

                     So why didn’t they all love him too?

                                         ❝Of course not.





                                            Destroy them.

                                        Destroy everything.

                                                                              You don’t need them.

               They’re vermin,
                                                                 foul little leeches.

                                       Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Kill them all.

                                        Wring their necks.
                          Drain the juices from their corpses.

                                                                   Make them suffer.

                                Break them once and for all.

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ooc: jesus your peter is beautiful. that last rufio thing was just *flails*
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omgerddddd ; [ creys & curls into a ball of feels ] thank you so much <3 there are so many beautiful peters running around so it means a lot to hear that i’m not royally ruining him by comparison ahaha

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What happened to Rufio?
ASKED BY Anonymous

                        Gaze d e a d e n s —————-
                        honeyed stare manipulated by an unmistakeable anger as it leveled
                        upon the brazen thing before him; colorless spectre and unwelcomed
                        guest who has now made the foolish mistake of upsetting him. & as
                        he saunters forward, every step is pronounced by an intended need
                        to harm, until he’s standing before the lamb with nothing between them
                        but inches and unslaked, ravenous jowls.

                              ❝Well, such a nonchalant tone for a boy who’s obviously


                              ❝You’d have to ask Hook that, wouldn’t you?❞

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boys and girls of every age